Dating and Technology in America

Last year, surveyed over 5,000 single men and women to find out how singles in America (accounting for 107 million of the population) use technology in dating. Almost 75 percent of singles are on Facebook, but it’s not easy to identify them as 65 percent do not post their relationship status on the social network. Before going on a first date, nearly half of single women (48 percent) research their date on Facebook, versus 38 percent of men. In fact, 49 percent of single men do not approve of researching someone prior to a first date.

The majority of men and women agree on one thing, though – it’s not okay to break up with someone over text. But there are couples who have split because of Facebook, and the top reasons are: their date’s pictures, a post on someone else’s wall, who their date was adding as friends, and their date’s status updates.