What Do Most Beauty Shoppers Have in Common?

Consumers who purchase beauty products have more in common than their love of cosmetics. It turns out they also like to make things themselves and drive an SUV, among others. According to an infographic by Videology Group, beauty shoppers are more likely than the average person to be DIY enthusiasts (96 percent), married (88 percent), SUV drivers (80 percent), pet owners (78 percent), body-conscious (70 percent), and parents (68 percent).

About 25 percent of beauty shoppers discover new products via advertisements, while another 25 percent rely on their friends or word of mouth to stay on top of the latest products. Among the various forms of advertising, television ads are the most effective in influencing consumers to buy a new beauty product, followed by magazines and in-store displays. Aside from advertisements, friend recommendations, product ingredients, and celebrity endorsements contribute to purchase decisions.

Most beauty shoppers buy their beauty products from department stores and pharmacies, though 10 percent make their purchases online.

[via Daily Infographic]